Make tennis engaging and profitable at your facility.


Get your fitness in business shape.


Manage and build your franchise business all in one place.


Your facility manages itself with Club Automation.

Club Automation is an innovative online Club Management Solution that helps you streamline and automate a variety of both common and complex processes involved in running health and fitness facility. Our fully integrated solution is scalable for small to large tennis, health and fitness facilities with one or multiple locations. Club Automation suite was designed from the ground up to help club operators reduce operating costs, grow revenues, and delight your members.

Yes, it actually is possible to have all aspects of your business be integrated. We do it with ease and in a way that matches the way you operate, so you don’t have to bend to someone else’s rules.


Week 27: Choosing a Business Partner


As business leaders, most of us will eventually face the decision of who we choose to have as business partners. ¬†Whether it’s a financial investor, an experienced operator, or a key employee that you want to reward with equity partnership, this partnership may be one of the most important relationships you will ever have. Please [...]

Week 26: Work-Life Balance… “Family First”


Building a strong business requires leaders to put in many long hours, often at the expense of personal lives and family. ¬†This video discusses our “family first” motto, and why we believe this approach is the best way to manage any organization. Please leave your feedback in the comments below or email Brian ( for [...]