By Mitch Granger 23 Aug, 2017

The General Manager of The Big C Athletic Club in Concord, CA doesn’t only want to train his members; he wants to educate them on how functional exercise is integral for everyday life. That’s why GM Brad Buchholz took the risk of shutting down his club for three months to completely renovate The Big C Athletic Club and install a state-of-the-art functional fitness training room. We spoke with Buchholz to gain clearer perspective on what went into building the room, and ultimately, what the response has been since its inception.

“The motivation behind the idea to bring a functional space to life was, for me, strictly education and motivation for our current members as well as new members and clients,” said Buchholz. “Creating a space that was full of new and exciting equipment and accessories was the main priority.”

Taking the vision for the room, and ultimately the execution of it, turned out to be a process that Buchholz didn’t initially anticipate. But as the famous saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”

“We were closed for all the renovations for about three months. In the beginning of planning and designing the room, a lot had to go into it,” Buchholz revealed. By the end of construction, Buchholz and his team had transformed the look of the room; tearing down walls, installing platforms into the ground, and laying a 12’X100’ turf field.

In the end, the juice was worth the squeeze.

When the room was completed, and members could start using it, Buchholz set out to accomplish his original goal; to educate his members on the benefits of functional fitness training. When done properly, functional training is a great tool to get in better shape, maintaining a practical standard of living, and preventing long term injury.

“The vision ultimately is to provide exceptional service, in both personal and group training, as well as the other services we provide. The Big C is a place for our members to come to not only work out and get fit but also to interact with both our staff and members,” Buchholz concluded.

By building this room, The Big C continues to be a strong pillar for the Concord health community. Their vision to improve the lives of their members and the community sets the tone to champion healthy living in the area.

 “Having a room like our functional room will only be the icing on the cake. No one in the area has a room like this and people really need to come in and check it out in person.”

By Mitch Granger 13 Jul, 2017

The new Club Automation app is now available for your health club. Our development team will work with your club to customize the look and feel of your app, including pictures and colors specific to your facility. The app will be available to your members on both the iOS app store for iPhones as well as the Google Play Store for Android phones.

The first version of our app has officially been released into our live environment including features such as location information, membership cards, and program/group activity schedules. We’re excited to continue working on upcoming functionality to register for programs/group activities, buy packages, and book reservations, amongst many other features.

If you are interested in creating an app for your club please fill out our interest form and one of our account executives will reach out to you to begin.

By Mitch Granger 26 Apr, 2017

Running a health club is a time-consuming endeavor for anyone. Retaining your current members can help ensure you have more time to focus on things at your club without having to worry about your gaining new members due to a high member turnover rate.

One key thing to keep in mind, when it comes to retaining members is the trickledown effect, from the high-level athletes to the low level athletes. If your high-level programs are going strong, it attracts people at the next tier down and the next tier down all the way down to your beginners. Conversely, if your high-level programs aren't strong, it tends to not attract people at the lower levels. You always want to make sure that your high level programs are going well.

Recently at College Park I gathered my men's tennis directors to come up with a few areas of focus that we wanted to work on in our men's tennis program. We found these three areas can be applicable to any health club in retaining members.

1.       Cultivating a social team atmosphere

Often times clubs are dealing with former college athletes, former high school athletes and everybody wants to be part of a team. So maybe it's grabbing dinner after a hard practice. Or making a t-shirt before a big play off match. Anything you can do to make people feel a bigger part of a movement and a bigger part of your tribe is going to make them feel connected as members and help you retain them.

2.       Connecting individually with people, especially key people

People want a connection beyond the surface. I always make it my goal to let people know that they're really my friends. If your members want you to be successful, then you'll be successful. People can tell when you care and it's important that they know that our relationship goes to a deeper level.

3.       Content in your programs and classes

People don't want to do the same old stale stuff. They want to know that you're innovating and thinking of new ideas and keeping your programs fresh. Believe me, when they sense that you care in that way, they'll tell their friends about you

These are the three areas of focus that we've learned, you might have different ones. One of the things for me, as a manager of 100 employees I've learned is these are not just a way to engage my members more and make them feel more connected. It's also a blueprint for me to make sure I'm engaging my staff as much as possible as well.

By Mitch Granger 10 Apr, 2017

“Our operations have completely turned around since we started using CA.”- Mallory Danna, Business Operations, Cliff Drysdale 

By Mitch Granger 06 Apr, 2017

Bannockburn, Il-

As a Club Industry "Top 100" Club, Genesys Athletic Club (GAC) was in search of a software they could count on. After an extensive search, they found that and more in Club Automation. For many athletic clubs,  scheduling and viewing court reservations is a chore; with Club Automation it doesn't have to be. We sat down with the GAC to investigate what made our system so valuable. Below are chosen excerpts. 

"What I love about Club Automation, is, I'll take my tablet, I'll go on the court sheets and see what activity we had the night before. To see what we have going on first thing in the morning."

-Don Leavy


As a true web-based platform, real time updates occur automatically in Club Automation. Ultimately, this makes life easier for the tennis pros and personal trainers that work at clubs using the software.  With Club Automation, they don't need to be at the club to schedule a lesson, they can do it from anywhere on their phone or tablet.

"Club Automation is your daily calendar. That's the first thing you need to look at every single morning, so that you know where you're at, where you need to be, and it helps me manage this department 100% better than the old paper way. I can't tell you enough good things about what Club Automation has done for our department here at Genesys."

-Don Leavy

The strong partnership Genesys continues to maintain with Club Automation is a testament to the value both parties place on running a successful health club.

About Genesys Athletic Club:

Located in Grand Blanc, MI, the GAC was ranked #83 in   Club Industry's  annual  "Top 100 Health Clubs."  Genesys Athletic offers a dynamic 220,000 sq. ft. facility with: fitness, aquatics, golf, tennis, basketball, and aerobic & group exercise. GAC is owned by Ascension Health- the largest Catholic Ministry in the country which provides a direct line to the clinical aspects of  Ascension's medical system.

About Club Automation:

Founded in 2007, Club Automation is a leading health club management software for consumer-based businesses, including health & athletic clubs and medically integrated wellness centers. Club Automation's complete web-based solution currently serves over 300 enterprise-grade facilities nationwide. For more information and product detail, you can visit Club Automation's website at

By Mitch Granger 12 Jan, 2017

      "I was looking for a partner, not a vendor, who could take us to the next level." -Paul Pickens, GM, St. Bernards

Bannockburn, Il-

Club Automation, the leader in cloud-based management solutions for health & wellness facilities, is proud to announce its partnership with the St. Bernards Health & Wellness Center in Jonesboro, AR.  St. Bernards Health & Wellness, an affiliate of  St. Bernards Medical Center , is a 50,000 sq. foot facility equipped with fitness, cardiovascular and strength training equipment, as well as an aquatic center, a spa, and café.

After three months on Club Automation, General Manager of St. Bernards, Paul Pickens, shared his thoughts about his software experience. Below are chosen excerpts:

Ultimately, why did you choose to partner with Club Automation?

    The key word here is partner. I was looking for a partner, not a vendor, who could take us to the next level. I felt Club Automation had the experience from a club level and knew what clubs were needing and could respond.

      How was the transition process from your previous software to Club Automation?

        I was not part of the initial on-boarding with our previous software. I can tell you from others who were here during that time, they were very impressed with the work from CA, and the constant feedback with updates.

          What was your “go-live” experience like?

            It was very helpful to have your staff here for two days. They were extremely hands on, helping our entire staff with any question, and your staff came in with a knowledge of how we wanted things to work. Very supportive with ideas in helping us design our departments.

              Three months later…how has Club Automation improved your operation?

                From a membership standpoint it is great. The reduced time a member spends enrolling has been helpful. CA billing is saving us around 2-3 hrs. Members have real time notification on any drafts returned. CA has done a tremendous job with your support team. I hope you can maintain your level of customer service through the growth I know CA will experience in the years to come.  

                By Mitch Granger 02 Dec, 2016

                “It’s an honor to serve an organization like the Mount Auburn Club,” said owner of Club Automation- Jeff VanDixhorn. “Having had their own history of software development, it’s been rewarding to work with a group of people who understand the value in our system.”

                By Mitch Granger 01 Nov, 2016
                General Manager Jim Mongrain of Genesys Athletic Club finds streamlined operations through Club Automation
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