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How Club Automation Helps Clubs Thrive

Drive and engage leads

Engage prospects with various outreach tools and communication. Then, increase the number of prospects who convert to full-time members.

At Club Automation, we provide you with the tools to support sales and acquisition efforts from pre-lead to an engaged, active member.

    • Digital marketing services to build awareness and drive prospects to your website.
    • Website design services to build a site for your Club that looks great and performs even better.
    • VFP, a CRM built for Clubs by Club Operators provides a sales assistant to help drive, engage and convert your prospects to members.

    SIMPLIFy Member Management

    Members expect a customized experience that best speaks to their needs from the moment they interact with the club. 

    With Club Automation, you can bundle memberships with add ons and packages, allow members to self-select into services that meet their specific needs, easily manage access for the upgraded experiences members choose, and so much more.

    • Bundle memberships with add ons and packages.
    • Members are easily able to self-select into services that meet their specific needs.
    • Easily manage access for the upgraded experiences members choose.

      REduce Admin Tasks

      Spend less time managing everyday processes and more time with your members.

      There are times when the back-office administration can get very hectic, but these automated features help your staff to better manage their workflow.

      • Track and visualize trends at your club with our integrated business intelligence tool.
      • Conduct automated and flexible membership billing.
      • Recover declined payments to retain revenue.

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