Payments & Billing

As a fully integrated payments and billing solution that aligns with Club Automation’s club management software, Gains makes it easier than ever to manage your money from credit card swipe to monthly reports.

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Software

find your Way to Paid
find your Way to Paid

Health Club Billing and Payment Processing

Highly Configurable

Customize CSI Spectrum's robust club software to fit your facility's unique needs.


From accounting and management to scheduling and reporting, CSI Spectrum will meet all your facility needs.

Deeply Integrated

Multiple supporting applications, including Online Services, the Member App, and the Staff App, work seamlessly with CSI Spectrum to optimize your club's operations.

Transform Your Health Club Management with CSI Spectrum

Streamline your health club management and drive revenue growth with CSI Spectrum's integrated software solution

Cash Flow Growth

What's better than getting paid? Getting paid more. With Gains, see your cash flow grow. Gains' proactive card account updater prevents failed payments, leading to fewer terminations and ultimately more money in your pocket. SmartDate technology resubmits declines at just the right time to recover more revenue. Next-day funding ensures that money lands in your bank account as quickly as possible.

Team Time Savings

With a single partner for all your payments needs, you'll have more time to focus on what matters most—your customers. The Gains full-service billing team manages all inbound and outbound leads, so you gain countless hours back in your day and your customers receive the best possible experience. An integrated, streamlined system designed to complement your current operations makes managing money simpler than ever.

PCI-Compliant, Secure System

It's hard to grow when your money isn't safe. Protect your customers' payment information against fraudulent transactions with our address verification service. Trust our PCI-compliant system to defend all your customers' sensitive information. With easy access to insight reports on your payments data and transactions, rest assured that Gains has your back.
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
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