Unleash your pickleball potential with a tailored solution

Empower your club to thrive with a software solution designed to streamline your operations and enrich your players' experience.

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Software

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Highly Configurable

Customize CSI Spectrum's robust club software to fit your facility's unique needs.


From accounting and management to scheduling and reporting, CSI Spectrum will meet all your facility needs.

Deeply Integrated

Multiple supporting applications, including Online Services, the Member App, and the Staff App, work seamlessly with CSI Spectrum to optimize your club's operations.

Transform Your Health Club Management with CSI Spectrum

Streamline your health club management and drive revenue growth with CSI Spectrum's integrated software solution

Seamless and Easy Player Management

  • Enhance player engagement  
  • User-friendly player management and CRM
  • Streamline front and back-office operations  

Frictionless Court Reservations

  • Customize court rules  
  • Configurable booking options  
  • Streamline player registration and programs  
  • Efficient Financial Management Manage pro invoices, court bookings, and facility services  
  • Automate staff payroll  
  • Time-saving payment processing  

Connect on Mobile on the Move

  • Real-time player notifications  
  • Convenient mobile registration  
  • Self-service player profiles

Robust Schedule Management

  • Manage court schedules  
  • Allocate timeslots for private lessons and programs  
  • Efficient event planning

Intuitive Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate facility usage and court occupancy insights  
  • Track club performance and revenue  
  • Drive data-informed decisions
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
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