Performance Analytics

Get a clear picture of where you stand now so you know where to go next. Gone are your days of digging through mountains of data to uncover meaning. Instead, easily derive decisions from crystal-clear insights that alleviate the stress of decision-making and take your health and fitness club to the next level.

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Software

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Performance Analytics for Clubs

Highly Configurable

Customize CSI Spectrum's robust club software to fit your facility's unique needs.


From accounting and management to scheduling and reporting, CSI Spectrum will meet all your facility needs.

Deeply Integrated

Multiple supporting applications, including Online Services, the Member App, and the Staff App, work seamlessly with CSI Spectrum to optimize your club's operations.

Transform Your Health Club Management with CSI Spectrum

Streamline your health club management and drive revenue growth with CSI Spectrum's integrated software solution

Accessible Club Data

There are an infinite number of data points associated with fitness businesses. So, how do you know which affect your success? Performance Analytics takes reporting beyond the spreadsheet. Trade rows and columns of meaningless numbers for easy-to-read charts and visual representations that clearly tell the story of your club’s growth over time. The best part? You can pull up everything you need from your mobile phone or computer.

Peer Benchmarking

To outrival the best, you need to know where you stand. See how your club stacks up against others in the fitness industry with benchmarks uncovered by a machine learning algorithm and collected industry data. With the added business intelligence, you’ll know precisely which areas of your club to focus on to build revenue.

MoM and YoY Comparisons

Maximize the impact of traditional reporting with year-over-year and month-over-month views for key performance indicators like active memberships and total revenue. Easily spot trends in member behavior, so you can better prepare for coming seasons with marketing campaigns and special programming that will speak to changing member needs.
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
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