Club Automation's mission is to contribute to a healthier and more active world by empowering health and fitness clubs to run their facilities effortlessly.
We started with our own club - now it's your turn

Club Automation started after club owner Jeff VanDixhorn wanted something to manage all parts of his business - from front desk to back end. He partnered with developer Max Longin and together they built a web-based solution that totally transformed the way his clubs operated. They soon realized that their solution can do much more than just help his own facilities - it can revolutionize the entire industry!

Today, Club Automation is a leading cloud-based software provider that helps the health and athletic industry to manage their clubs more efficiently. 
Jeff VanDixhorn                                                   Max Longin

Before  Club  Automation,  Jeff  has                            Max's  background  includes nearly 12 
owned and managed athletic clubs                            years     of     software     development, 
since  1995.  Starting  with  just  one                           systems       engineering       and     web 
club,   College   Park   Athletic   Club,                           development.    Max    also     founded 
Jeff  grew  the  organization  to  ten                            RevenueWell     which   specializes   in 
total clubs with over 400 employees.                         patient communication marketing in                                                                                                         the medical field.                                                             
We care about Your club

"We aim to offer a differentiated level of service by fundamentally viewing our customer relationships as partnerships. That means we position our team to not just react to customer issues but to proactively get ahead of questions and issues before they arise. Practically, this sense of partnership is possible because each member of our team is personally invested in the success of your business. 

In very real sense, our training and support teams become more than just your Club Automation reps. We are your business partners, advocates, and consultants--motivated to help you leverage Club Automation to improve your customer experience and grow your business.

We actually structure our training and support teams to facilitate this level of customer engagement by pairing each client with a dedicated representative who knows your unique business and your unique story. Ultimately, we strive to combine expert-level product knowledge and industry awareness with personal-level engagement to help you serve with your customers more effectively.”

Michael Ryswyk
Director of Customer Experience
Club Automation, LLC.

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