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Club Automation is a leading cloud-based software provider that helps the health and athletic industry to manage their clubs more efficiently.

Club Automation started after club owner Jeff VanDixhorn wanted something to manage all parts of his business—from front desk to back end. In 2007, he partnered with developer Max Longin, and together they built a web-based solution that totally transformed the way his clubs operated. They soon realized that their solution could do far more than just help his own facilities—it could revolutionize the entire industry!

Club Automation is the leader in management solutions for member-based businesses like health clubs, athletic clubs, and medically integrated wellness centers. Used by the largest facilities across the U.S. and Canada, Club Automation currently provides a complete web-based solution, digital marketing, payments solutions, member engagement tools, and much more. Club Automation is part of the Daxko family of brands.

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(847) 597-1740

(847) 597-1740

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"At Club Automation, we view our customer relationships as true partnerships. This is the core principle that drives our exceptional customer service. Your success is our success. We value the important work you do in your communities, and want to provide an experience that makes your work as efficient, effective and impactful as possible! With their in-depth industry knowledge and extensive training, our teams are well-equipped to give you the expert support and tools you need to be successful. We look forward to partnering with you!"

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