with Nick Thornton and Daron Allen

Each episode Nick and Daron dive into the elements of how a club can provide a world-class experience for their members, staff and community.


Welcome to The Experience Series!

Hosted by Nick Thornton and Daron Allen, The Experience Series dives into all the essential elements of a top fitness club. Dive deep into the world of club management to give club operators the best resource for growing their business.

About the Hosts

Nick Thornton

About Nick

Nick Thornton leads the Club Automation sales team in revenue driven activities. Nick is a proven business leader and an experienced sales executive with 20 plus years of demonstrated success working in the computer software industry. Nick is a graduate of Bob Jones University with a B.A. in Marketing and Management. He is skilled in SAAS sales, sales & marketing leadership, and sales management. Nick is an avid cyclist and enjoys spending much of his free time with his wife and three daughters.

Daron Allen

About Daron

Daron Allen is the vice president of CRM at Club Automation. Daron brings over 20 years of experience in the club fitness space. He served as the CEO of VFPnext CRM from 2000 until 2022 when VFPnext was acquired by Daxko. Daron earned his Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Schreiner University.