Your club is built on your member relationships and staying connected is the key to success. Take control of your member relationships across their customer lifecycle with a CRM that attracts, sells, and retains on one platform.

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Software



Highly Configurable

Customize CSI Spectrum's robust club software to fit your facility's unique needs.


From accounting and management to scheduling and reporting, CSI Spectrum will meet all your facility needs.

Deeply Integrated

Multiple supporting applications, including Online Services, the Member App, and the Staff App, work seamlessly with CSI Spectrum to optimize your club's operations.

Transform Your Health Club Management with CSI Spectrum

Streamline your health club management and drive revenue growth with CSI Spectrum's integrated software solution

Lead Generation Management

Keep your members’ attention with a CRM built to improve sales, retention and accountability. Follow up on leads while freeing up your time with a “personal assistant” that organizes and automates the task-management side of sales. All inbound and outbound text messages are captured to help you stay on top of your member engagement.

Revenue Generation

Drive your growth with the power to sell anywhere. Digital enrollment connects you with members wherever they are. Our proven PT Orientation provides consistency and increases member spending by 230%. Improve your membership sales with a staff-friendly mobile Tablet Tour.

Interactive Welcome Pack

First impressions matter. Ensure the successful launch of new members with an interactive welcome pack designed to exceed their expectations. Want to engage members even more? Our motivational fitness challenge solution gives your staff the bandwidth to focus on member results and personal training sales.

Data Insight

Smart business decisions are rooted in data. Gain insight into your business and track returns on your marketing dollars with aggregated data reporting. All data is housed in a central location in real time to help you make instant business decisions.
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
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