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Text messages have a 98% open rate, and 83% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received. See how easy and effective communication can be with Club Automation’s text messaging service.

A Comprehensive, Configurable, and Deeply Integrated Club Management Software

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SMS Messaging for Clubs

Highly Configurable

Customize CSI Spectrum's robust club software to fit your facility's unique needs.


From accounting and management to scheduling and reporting, CSI Spectrum will meet all your facility needs.

Deeply Integrated

Multiple supporting applications, including Online Services, the Member App, and the Staff App, work seamlessly with CSI Spectrum to optimize your club's operations.

Transform Your Health Club Management with CSI Spectrum

Streamline your health club management and drive revenue growth with CSI Spectrum's integrated software solution

Helpful Reminders

Your members have busy lives and jam-packed schedules. Solidify your club as part of their weekly routine with automated class, program, and private lesson text reminders. You’ll reduce the number of no-shows and help members stay engaged with club activities.

Real-time Updates

Prepare for the unexpected and help members do the same. Last minute schedule change? Turn a class roster into a texting list and send an update. Pool closed for maintenance? Email is iffy, and phone calls are unrealistic. Instead, send a short message to all club members signed up for texts.

Automated Confirmations

Give reservations a cross-check with automated, real-time confirmation texts. Thanks to full integration, members receive a message the minute they reserve a resource (tennis time, pickleball court, pool lane, etc.) via your mobile app or online portal.

Promote Events and Offers

Encourage members to engage with your club by promoting club events and happenings via text. SMS marketing is also a great way to boost revenue by letting targeted groups know about new programs and special offers.
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
Learn more about CSI Spectrum
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